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Edited and Filmed by NICOLAS TROY

Produced by NIKI HEART,

Wix Films LTD.

Shot from my hotel room balcony. It rains a lot  in Bogota Colombia. On this day the sun was out an hour later

This is the restaurant area poolside at The Wild Orchid Hotel. The food here was great and the service excellent

Brasilians are very passionate of Samba and celebrate every weekend at their local club. I filmed this scene at the Salgueiro club in Rio de Janeiro. It was a week before carnival and spirits were high. The night was hot but nobody cared and the sweat dripped off the bodies. We danced till 5:00 am.

My hotel in Bogata was next to a Theater. I saw the gathering of people from the balcony off my room. I went down to film the activity. The crowd was waiting to enter and the performers played some music. After the doors were opened the streets cleared as people filed inside. Street vendors sold drinks and food.

My jump off point to the Philippines was Angeles city. I flew into Clark airport and took a trike ride with my 2 bags to my hotel. This video was taken from a restaurant on Walking street, a great place for people watching while enjoying some good food.

This charming restaurant was down the street from my hotel in Bogota. The atmosphere was outstanding and their take on Mexican  food was of my best meals in Colombia!

The bus was comfortable and air conditioned. You can see the movies playing up front. The passengers get on and the ticket guy punches a ticket and comes around to collect money later. We made a few comfort stops on the way. The was no lavatory on the bus